We all have choices to make in life. The first step is to choose to take action.




Look at who you are, where you are, and why you are there.

  • What choices got you there?
  • What needs to change?
  • What qualities of your mind, beliefs, spirit, emotions or habits must change in order for you to reach the next level?

Be brutally honest about your current thinking, behavior, choices, and consequences.

How This Step Might Show Up in Your Life

You may face some feelings of guilt for how you’ve handled past relationships or choices.

You may confront some beliefs about yourself that have no basis in reality.

But you will find the experience refreshing and empowering as you clear your head and accept responsibility for where you are and where you’re going.

You might even heal some broken relationships.



Develop a clear vision of where you want to go.

Now that you have a clear understanding of where you’re starting from, decide where are you today and where do you aspire to be tomorrow.

  • What does success look like and how will you know when you’ve arrived?

Train your subconscious mind to know that this is where you’re going to get to at some point. No questions asked. Then put together a plan to make your vision a reality.

Take into account not only you who and where you want to be but the habits, thoughts, actions that are preventing you from getting there, along with the new habits, thoughts, and actions that are most likely to help you reach your goals.

Have a timeline and a recovery plan:

  • How will you bounce back when something knocks you flat in the pursuit of your vision?

How This Step Might Show Up in Your Life

You may make lists, develop plans and start to make changes in your habitual behaviors. As new habits take hold, you might start to see positive changes: better fitness and health, a more organized life, improved work prospects, etc.



Control your self-talk.

The third part of the process is where thoughts become actions.

Don’t believe that you can do something; know that you can do something.

You are the goal you’re working to arrive at.

Confidence is the state of knowing that you’re enough, you’re equal to any task, you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle—and that you deserve the vision that’s in your mind.

Have faith, be courageous, don’t judge, forgive. Practice this state of mind until it’s a habit.

How This Step Might Show Up in Your Life

Confidence changes everything. As you begin to believe in yourself, so will others. You will carry yourself differently, speak and act differently, and elicit a different response from others. You will begin to manifest what you believe you deserve in life.



Put systems in place.

Systems are practices that give you no room to fail. Figure out systems that will support your efforts to bring about change, whether that means technology tools that keep you organized and on task, or a personal trainer and a nutrition program.

Systems will support you creating the change you desire without you even realizing it. Make success and results inevitable and disciplined. Eventually, as you start to see results, discipline will take care of itself.

How This Step Might Show Up in Your Life

Following systems gets everything moving in the right direction.

You’ll put parts of your life on autopilot and watch change happen faster than you ever imagined. Your body, mind, and prospects will change for the better.

You will get more done, use your time more wisely, be more productive and have more bandwidth for what really matters.



Finally, respect the process.

Adopt the attitude that every day is just practice.

No matter how good or how bad the day is, it’s just another day of practice.

Success is a daily routine of doing the right things, again, again, and again, relentlessly. Don’t attach your emotions to the results.

If you fall, don’t beat yourself up. Just be consistent, get up, and do it again.

Persevere until you and your habits change.

How This Step Might Show Up in Your Life

Habits become who we are.

Over time, as you repeat strong practices that change who you could be into who you are, you will see opportunities come your way.

Results will validate your efforts and your confidence will soar.

Good choices will lead to more good choices.



Exercise discipline and it will work for you.

It’s a predictable path to success, a closed loop that never fails.

Repeat is just that. Continually repeating your new habits, your new choices, your new normal.

How This Step Might Show Up in Your Life

You will fall off. Expect that to happen.

When you do, think of the temporary fall as an “event”— now that event is over and you can get back to doing what you were doing before the event.


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