We all have choices to make in life. The first step is to choose to take action.

Do It Anyway


Most of us are trying to get somewhere in life, somewhere different from where we are today. The trouble is, we don’t know where to begin. We don’t have a plan. A system. A statement of purpose. In this extraordinary book, Albert “Rock” Rocker gives you one: Do It Anyway. In nine chapters infused with revealing stories, personal confessions, life lessons and profound wisdom, Rock draws readers a map for bringing positive change to their lives, change that starts with two things: Faith and Works.

Built on a foundation of Christian faith but suitable for anyone, Do It Anyway walks readers through a proven process for discovering their faith in themselves, finding their courage, developing a process for success and putting in the work necessary to turn faith into lasting change. In these pages, readers will discover:

  • Why our choices determine who we are, and a clear, proven mechanism for making better choices every day
  • The power shame holds over our lives and how to be free of the burden of shame
  • Why we are what we consume, and why reaching our potential can mean letting go of things and people that may be holding us back
  • The incredible power that lies in developing a process, putting in place accountability systems, then putting our heads down and doing the work

Most of all, Do It Anyway is a detailed, complex, revealing, heartfelt testament to faith, refusing to quit, having the courage to open new doors when old doors close, and believing that God has a thrilling purpose for each of us, waiting to be revealed.

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My belief is that every human being on this earth is here for a greater purpose. It is when we discover that purpose that we start living. My purpose started when my dream ended. I’ve written this book to show you a process for staying focused and disciplined in the pursuit of your future, confronting and rising above adversity, and solidifying your self-confidence through courageous actions.

It’s one thing to aspire beyond where you are today; it’s another thing to actually get there. That takes work. Hard work. That’s where Do It Anyway comes in. Do It Anyway means having faith and finding courage within yourself and coming to play at your best, with your core values providing motivation and hope. It means having an unwavering belief that hard work pays off and that sometimes you just have to be courageous and tell yourself to Do It Anyway.



Change Begins With Belief.

CH 1



Create a Life That's Intentional, Not Accidental.

CH 2



Work Powers Faith.

CH 3



You Are the Product of Your Choices.

CH 4



Remember What Makes You Significant.

CH 5



Accept Fear and Do It Anyway.

CH 6



What You Believe, You Will Receive.

CH 7



Discipline + Systems = Permanent Change.

CH 8



Be Your Authentic Self.

CH 9


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About Rock

As a collegiate football player at Georgia Tech, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. Graduation signified for me that I could conquer anything. On some days during college, I was mentally exhausted and physically fatigued from practice and studying, but I did it anyway. I also felt the pressure to gain work experience before I graduated so that I could transition into a job. It took long days with long hours to make it through. Each time I felt the desire to give up, I would stop and tell myself…

Do It Anyway.

After college and football, I advanced into software sales as an account executive. It wasn’t my first time selling, though. At 13, I went door-to-door and sold my neighbors on lawn care services for $20. I interned at ADP, where I heard “no” more times than I ever thought possible in my lifetime. My primary responsibility was to cold call previously dissatisfied customers to engage and win their business back. Each time I picked up the phone, I thought that it was a suicide mission, but I told myself…

Do It Anyway

After more than six years as an account executive, I transitioned into speaking. I thoroughly love to tell stories in front of people. Neuroscience shows us that stories trigger emotional responses in people. They inspire people to take action. I found that telling stories was my way of connecting with people on an emotional level. It wasn’t a theoretical exercise when I spoke. It was a deeply rooted emotional experience that motivated people to act. Stories are the common ground between people and their differences. They are what bring us together, create understanding, and establish communication.

Throughout my life, I’ve developed a system that propels me to success each and every time I take on a new challenge. Whether I’m talking to the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles or pitching a new product to the CIO of one of my clients, I faced the challenge to motivate people into action head-on.

As I grew to understand myself better through stories, the idea for Do It Anyway evolved into the book that it is today, a nine-chapter map for those looking to make a positive change in their lives.

I wrote Do It Anyway to give people a map to bring positive change in their lives.

~Albert “Rock” Rocker